Yes, normally we always have goods in stock for the light booths CAC series, Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers, Gloss meters.

The fool stand color viewing booth need 2 or 3 days to make.

Yes, very easy to assembly the lighting equipment, fix several screws with several panels together, all the accessories will come with the package including screws, lamps, panels plugs and operational manual.
Usually, our RMA rate is below 0.1% since we have strict quality control system.

Lighting equipment warranty period is 12 months except the lamps.

Colorimeter CM series is 36 months.

Payment welcome T/T, West Union and Paypal.
Well, we’d say it depends on different regions, for more details, please consult our sales representatives.
OEM order is warmly welcomed in Vteke and we have lots of successful experiences in doing OEM projects.
Yes, we can supplier any of the international standard light sources for a accurate color quality control. for the lights option you can contact us.

Vteke CAC series light booths are known by many names in different businesses, such as light boxes, viewing booths, color cabinets, color assessment cabinets

You need choose the light booth with a color viewing size that big enough to put 2 pcs smapls side by side.

There are 2 different size, 600mm or 1200mm. Any other size can be customized.

Yes. All Vteke light booths are supplied complete with lamps ready to use.
Once the lights using up to 2000 hours you need to change a new one, you can buy it from us, or you can find the local retailer according the printing in the lamps.
Yes. If a variable intensity of light is required or specified, an electronically controlled Dimmable option is offered.

If you need a different viewing size please specified.

Normally, different light source has different CRI. Vteke CPS, CPL, CPT, CPD series D50 or D65 tubes CRI is 98.

Desktop Color Viewer CPM Series CRI is 90. Vteke color viewing booth with professional graphica full spectrum fluorescent lamps for printing, package, graphic, image, etc

You need choose the light booth with a color viewing size that big enough to put 2 pcs smapls side by side

Vteke CPS, CPL, CPT, CPD & CPM series viewing booth are made of aluminium alloy.

The CAC-12 color viewing booth is made of high-density fiberboard 

CM-18 is a basic stand for almost any samples.

CM-2X series with all benefits from CM-18 and has a color analysis software.

CM-3X series Highly precision color meter.

The CM-18, CM-28, CM-38 color meter with a standard 8mm aperture for many objects color difference test.

The CM-24, CM-34 with a small 4mm aperture is ideals for a small color measuring area, arc and other special surface object.

The CM-216, CM-316 with a 16mm aperture for textured, pitting, particulate and uneven surfaces or a lot of variation in color. If you need any help, please contact our sales team.

If the surface is wet or uneven, using normal measurement instruments will not result in accurate results and contaminants may affect the instrument. Always use a protective glass plate when measuring a moist surface. The protective glass plate can be used in conjunction with a large aperture to measure objects with uneven surfaces by flattening the uneven surface.

Vteke CM-216 or CM316 can be used for this kind of object

When using a colorimeter to measure powder samples, the data changes to reflect the powder density and surface conditions. To avoid a large deviation, special measuring methods exist, such as taking a specific amount of powder into a specially designed container (powder holder ) or keeping the surface properties consistent.
Choose CM-216 or CM-316. When measuring textured or pattern objects, choose an instrument with a large aperture. The measured data changes according to shifts in the measuring position so you need a colorimeter or with a large aperture to repeat the measurement several times in different positions before calculating the average.
The Colorimeter provides a total color difference value delta L*a*b*.

The spectrophotometer provides the absolute value of delta L*a*b*

The colorimeter is mainly used in production and inspection applications for the color difference manufacturer and color check measurement.

The spectrophotometer is used for high-precision analysis and accurate color measurement mainly in laboratory and research and development application.