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Are you looking for a supplier of high quality color measurement instruments?

Vteke provides many quality instruments such as color assessment cabinet, colorimeter spectrophotometer and more which can be used for most of the industries such as Textile, Graphics, Automotive, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Food, Footwear, Packaging, Printing and etc.

Located in China, if you purchase from us, we offer many additional convenient services, all of which cannot be easily provided by other Bluetooth product suppliers.


You will be offered a completely color management QC solutions to your lab

Our high quality services always beyond your expectations. 100% promise!

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Light Booth

The most economical color assessment. Excellent viewing conditions for reliable decisions, under consistent lighting to international standards.

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Color viewing booth

Vteke’s D50 products allow the graphic arts,printing, packaging, and photographic markets to make visual color judgments with accuracy and confidence.
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Overhead Luminaire

Color matching overhead Luminaire for large format artwork visual color evaluation.

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The colorimeter is mainly used in production and inspection applications for the color difference manufacturer and color check measurement.

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The spectrophotometer is used for high-precision analysis and accurate color measurement mainly in laboratory and research and development application.

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Gloss meter

Gloss Meter measures the gloss condition of an object’s surface.

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Product by applications

Textiles & apparel

Graphic Arts & Photography

Industrial color & appearance

Retail color matching


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Customer Review

The Color Assessment Cabinet is very nice all the lamps are exactly as mentioned in the information booklet.
Matthew, Mix-Graf
The colorimeter is absolutely simple to use, very accurate and stable.
John, QCD
The S1 spectrophotometer is the most accurate product within its price, which is very good. We use this instrument in all our three branch companies.
Ms. Deng, Wan Shun Packaging

How to Choose a Color Test Instrument in a Simple Way?

10+ Things to know when you source a Color Test Instrument from China.