Color Viewing Station Operation manual

color viewing station manual

1. Installationcolor proof station assembly
1) Open the wooden box, take out the lighting box. observation working station, two vertical tubes, two curved tubes, two plates(one big, one small)a bag of accessories and a operation menu.
2) Use four M8 screws to fix the two vertical tubes③④onto the tear of the working station.
3) Use eighe M5X10 screws to connect the two plates⑤and⑥,and the two curved tubes
① ②so that they form a set.
4)Raise the set above the working station so that the curved tube③④directly faces the vertical tube and gently push the former into the latter.(see figure 1)

5) Pull back the four M5 screws located at the side or the curved tubes for 10mm,align the eat-shape hole on the back or the light box⑦with 4 screws and push back for about 5 cm and then fasten the screws.(see figure2)
6)Switch on the power, inspect the light.

2. Daily Maintenance

Electricity must be cut off before you doing any maintence.!light booth assembly
1) changing light tubes:
Remove the lighting box, loosen the four M3 screws located on the switch-less cover of the lighting box,remove the cover,temove the board,loosen the light tube and genty pull it out,put into place the new light tube and undo the previous steps and.(see figure 3)



color viewing booth assembly



2) Cleaning and Maintenance:
a) Cleaning the lighting box surface: use soft and wet cloth to wipe off the dust on the surface.
b) Use soft cotton cloth(with no chemical fiber),wet with 50 degree Celsius soap water,the cleanse with water and dry with cloth.
Warning: The surface cannot be cleaned with any acidic or alkaline detergent. Avoid damage by knife or any other hard object.
3) Cleaning and Maintenance of the working station: the surface of the working station is painted with static electricity which makes the paint rather stable. However, contact with hard objects should be avoided to protect the surface. Wet cloth can be used with detergent to clean the surface.

4) The drawer is equipped with three-part rail, which is very comfortable for hand-use. A little bit lubricant should be applied regularly on the rolling balls to prevent them from coming off or being jammed.
3. Users’guide to Electronic Timer
Ordinary fluorescent tubes reach the end of use life when they can’t be lighted. But standardized tubes have different internal structures compared to ordinary tubes. After 2500-3000 hours in use, color temperature, Ra value and brightness of the tubes decrease. Although the tubes can still be lighted, they can no longer serve as standardized light and need to be replaced.
The default setting of the electronic timer puts the lighting tube’s operating life at 3500 hours. If this time limit is not exceeded, the green light will shine. If this time limit is exceeded, the red light will shine to remind users to change the lighting tube.
Type of CPS Color Viewing Station:
CPS Color Viewing Station is designed especially for color comparison between objects and samples during the printing process. It adopts CPL asymmetrical standard lighting viewing box and can illuminate two working surfaces, i.e. the vertical surface with samples and the horizontal surface with objects. The drawer beneath the working table can house films and PS plates. It’s equipped with rolling track, which enables it to slide under weight.
All the products can be put with the arm for color monitor The tables in some products can move up and down so as to satisfy the special viewing demands of certain customers.
CPS(2) has a working station with transitive light source

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