Project Description

Light booth CAC-E is a UK standard color assessment cabinet, with 5 light sources daylight D65, TL84, UV,F, and Cool White CWF.

Light sources: D65, TL84, F, UV

Weight: 29Kg

Dimensions: 710x420x570 mm

  • Light source’s running time display / Name display / Switching frequency display.
  • Auto conversion between light sources, Different spectrum with same color.
  • No need warm-up; No flicker; Color assessment quick and reliable.
  • Low power-consumption; No heat emission; Efficient illumination.
  • Same lamps with VeriVide CAC60; Groundings completely compatible.

Light source:

D65 — International-standard Artificial Daylight

Color temperature: 6500K Power: 18W  D65(24”) – VeriVide F18T8/D65 (EU)

TL84 — Marks & Spencer special light source

Color temperature: 4000K Power: 18W   TL84(24”) – VeriVide F18T8/840 P15 (EU)

F-light —- Referential color-comparing light; Applicable to family/hotel

Color temperature: 2700K Power: 40W  (GE 40W B22 Elegance Soft)

UV —- Ultraviolet Blacklight. Used to detect the presence of Optical Brightening Agents or
Fluorescent dyes. Therefore it is useful when assessing white and Fluorescent shades to
check the level present and its evenness.

Wavelength: 365nm Power: 18W  (Sylvania F18W/BLB –T8)

CWF —- (Cool White Fluorescent) American Standard,color temperature is 4150K, CIR is 62

Product nameModel No.D65TL84CWFFUV
Colour Assessment Cabinet (CAC)   Voltage: 220VCAC-E22241
Colour Assessment Cabinet (CAC)    Voltage: 110VCAC-E22241


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