Project Description

Light booth 4 light source  CAC-4 is 600mm with Daylight D65, TL84,UV, F/A.

Vteke Light Booth create the perfect alternative to natural daylight. Colors appear differently under different lighting conditions. To avoid and reduce the visual assessment error when performing color contrast, light cabinet to simulate different light sources to obtain an objective assessment of color and color difference, anytime, anywhere.

Vteke CAC series light booths are known by many names in different businesses, such as color assessment cabinet, color light box, color matcher, viewing booths, color cabinets, color matching viewing booth and are used within a wide array of industry sectors throughout the world including textile and apparel, graphics, automotive, ceramics, cosmetics, food, footwear, packaging and printing.

The CAC-4 is the smallest light booth in our product line with a lower price to match. It is specially designed for smaller products. The cabinet’s interior is finished in a neutral Munsell or Matt Grey color for an objective viewing of your samples without the interference of background or surrounding colors.

The CAC-4 light booth provides up to four light sources, which can be tailored to the customer’s particular requirements. The color assessment cabinet comes standard with UV and F, but the two other light sources are up to the customer to choose. D65 is typically selected as one and the other one can be 830, 840, D50 or cool white. If required, the F can be replaced by an A -see our Lamp options for more details.

We offer voltage and plug installation to meet the local standards of every customer.

The CAC-5 and  CAC-6 uses Daylight D65, UV and F, as well as the additional light sources of TL84, Tl83 and Cool White CWF. For a large object, consider the CAC-6B.

Optional accessories: Replacement lamps and observation tables.

Ready to use – All light booths are supplied complete with lamps.

Easy to operate – Each light source uses an individual switch.

Optimal lamp replacement – Elapsed time meter for tracking.

No warm-up time or flickering – Ensures quick and reliable color judgment.

High efficiency lights – Low heat generation and conservative power consumption.

Customizable features – Dimension, Lamp and Dimmable options.

Accurate color rendering – 4 light sources are used (D65, TL84, F, UV) to detect metamerism.

Compliant with all major international standards for visual evaluation – ISO3664, ASTM D1729, BSI, ANSI and DIN.

ModelConfigured light sourcesWeightDimensions(mm)
Width* Height *Depth
CAC-4 Light BoothD65,TL84,F,UV30KgOverall: 710x405x570
Viewing Cavity: 680x385x360
CAC-5 Light BoothD65,TL84,CWF,F,UV32KgOverall: 710x405x570
Viewing Cavity: 680x385x360
CAC-6 Light BoothD65,TL84,CWF,F,UV,U3038KgOverall: 710x530x570
Viewing Cavity: 680x510x360
CAC-6B (oversize)              Light BoothD65,TL84,CWF,F,UV,U3070KgOverall: 1310x600x800
Viewing Cavity:  1280x590x590
Light sources
Light sourcesDescriptionColor Temperature – Kelvin(K)Watts(W)
D65International standard Artificial Daylight650018
TL84Applicable for stores in China, Japan and Europe400018
CWF(Cool White Fluorescent) American Standard415018
F/A“Sun-setting Light Yellow” incandescent light source (imitation of sunset)270040
UVViewing under ultraviolet light to detect and evaluate optical brighteners or fluorescent pigmentsWavelength: 365nm18
U30Warm White Fluorescent, American Standard300018
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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