Project Description

The colorimeter CM-18 is a handheld, portable measurement instrument designed to evaluate the color of objects, with a 8mm aperture for nearly all types of samples.

The CM-18 colorimeter is a portable and handheld measuring instrument that has been especially designed to evaluate the appearances and colors of various samples. This colorimeter is a popular product with a standard 8mm aperture. This colorimeter offers completely stable performance repeatability of △E*ab < 0.07 that’s very easyly to let you get the right color every time (most of  the other brand color measuring instruments made the repeatability is around 1.0 ).


The CM-18 measurement conditions is follow the international stand CIE standard observer is 10 degrees and D65 illuminant. Its features include two types of color modes – CIE1976LAB and CIELCH, a single color difference formula of △E*ab, two language options in Chinese and English and incredibly fast reading as soon as you measured the traget and the sample only take 0.5 second! For reading print outs to do the real-time printing measurement data, the CM-18 colorimeter can be connected to an external printer.

This precision and reliable colorimeter allows users to evaluate, reproduce, and control the color of pigments and dyes in a more effective, streamlined process. Its advanced capabilities help establish and meet color quality standards efficiently, maintain consistency in each batch of material, and communicate color seamlessly internally and throughout the supply chain.


Optional accessories: Data processor Micro printer.


It provides all the benefits and functions of the CM-28 colorimeter.

Fixed aperture 8mm stand aperture ideal for evaluating the color of samples medium to large in size.

Stable measurement performance repeatability △E*ab< 0.07 easy to let you get the right color every time.

Tight inter-instrument agreement measures consistently with other instruments of the same model, allowing color values and specifications to be communicated, shared, and coordinated seamlessly internally and throughout the supply chain

Pass/fail assessments immediately determines if the sample meets the defined standard or target color for improved user efficiency

Large memory capacity stores 100 sets standard data and up to 20000 sets sample data

Color LCD screen displays data clearly easy to see.

Intuitive design simple, straightforward menus and buttons easily understood by new users

Portable wireless, lightweight design fits comfortably in the hand for measurements to be taken anywhere

High – capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery Can be used for more than 5000 times for on one charge to ensure the stability of long time use.

Data processor (optional) conveniently prints measurement results on-site for improved user efficiency.

3 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Name Colorimeter
Model CM-18 Colorimeter
Display Modes CIELAB, CIELCH
Color Difference Formula △E*ab
Illuminating / viewing geometry 8/d (8°; illumination angle / diffuse viewing)
Light Source LED blue excitation
Sensor Photodiode array
Measurement Caliber φ8mm
Measurement Conditions Observer: CIE 10°, Standard observer
Illuminant: CIE standard illuminant D65
Contain light way: SCI SCE
Measuring range L*: 0 to 100
Repeatability △E<0.07 (take the deviation average after measuring the whiteboard 30 times)
Inter-instrument agreement △E*ab: within 0.4
Minimum interval between measurements 0.5 Sec
Storable data sets Max. 2000 pieces of data (divisible into 100 pages) Deletion and Undoing selected stored data (one piece of data or all data) are possible
Languages Chinese and English
Battery performance Li-ion battery with approximately 5000 measurement for each charge
Lifetime of bulb 5 years of more than 1.6 million measurements
Display data Chroma values, color difference values, PASS/WARN/FAIL display
Display screen TFT true color 2.8inch @ (16:9) resolution ratio: 400×240
Interface of external RS-232 (115200bps) connected with micro printer
Operating temperature / humidity range 0° to 40° C with relative humidity of 85% or less (at 35° C) with no condensation
Storage temperature / humidity range -20° to 40° C with relative humidity of 85% or less (at 35° C) with no condensation
Weight 700g
Size 199*68*90 mm
Package size 400*240*340 mm
Standard accessories 3000mAH Li-ion battery, AC adapter, User manual, Warranty card
Optional accessories Floor measuring devices, Liquid measuring device, Micro printer
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