Project Description

Ci6x Series Portable Spectrophotometers – Ci60, Ci62, Ci64, Ci64UV. Improving Color Management at Every Link of the Supply Chain

The Ci6x family of handheld spectrophotometers — Ci60, Ci62, Ci64 & Ci64UV is a performance-driven solution for managing color at any stage of production, and gives manufacturers a whole new level of confidence in their color data, regardless of where or when the measurements are collected.

The Ci6x Series creates opportunities to develop a consistent color monitoring program, efficiently manage process quality control, and reduce operating costs.

A Versatile Package for a Wide Range of Color Applications

The many options within the product family give operations of all sizes the ability to build in a stable measurement system that delivers repeatable performance and increased product yield. This makes the Ci6x Series a reliable solution for a wide range of industries and applications:

Commercial Coatings. The need to meet specific color codes and regulations requires repeatable color measurement. The Ci6x Series provides the consistency demanded to ensure batch-to-batch color conformity.

Plastics. Batch consistency—from raw material through finished product—often varies depending on material supplier and process conditions. The Ci6x Series can monitor the color impact of shifts in process variables, while X-Rite application software storing color data that can be shared among the supply network to ensure color accuracy.

Automotive. Whether OEM interior, aftermarket parts, or second- and third-tier supplier components, color accuracy is an absolute must. The Ci6x system allows manufacturers at every level to achieve consistent readings. The ability to simultaneously measure SCI/SCE further enhances the quality control process.

Textiles. While materials and fabrics may appear similar at first glance, those that contain optical brightening agents (OBA) may result in a much different look under varied lighting conditions. Available calibrated UV enhanced illumination controls the UV/visible balance, enabling long-term, consistent measurement of optically bright samples.

Home Furnishings. Different materials—wood, paint, plastic, metal, fabric—and a wide variety of colors, make repeatable color conformance critical. The Ci6x family is able to read a wide range of materials and provide a benchmark measurement that can be used at each step of the production or assembly process.


Model Ci60 Ci62 Ci64 Ci64UV
Light Source Tungsten Tungsten Tungsten Tungsten + UV LEDs
White Repeatability .10 ΔE CIELAB .05 ΔE CIELAB .04 ΔE CIELAB .04 ΔE CIELAB
Inter-Instrument Agreement .40 Avg. ΔE* CIELAB .20 Avg. ΔE* CIELAB .13 Avg. ΔE* CIELAB (8mm) .13 Avg. ΔE* CIELAB (8mm)
Aperture Illuminated / Measured 14mm / 8mm 6.5mm/4mm 6.5mm/4mm 6.5mm/4mm
or and and
14mm / 8mm 14mm / 8mm 14mm / 8mm
Measurement Output SPIN / SPEX / Correlated Gloss SPIN / SPEX / Correlated Gloss SPIN / SPEX / Correlated Gloss SPIN / SPEX / Correlated Gloss
Embedded NetProfiler Support  dui  dui  dui
USB / Bluetooth Interface**  dui  dui  dui
Green BCRA  dui  dui  dui
Test Standard
Spectral Range 400nm – 700nm 400nm – 700nm 400nm – 700nm 400nm – 700nm
Wavelength Interval 10nm 10nm 10nm 10nm
Photometric Range 0% – 200% 0% – 200% 0% – 200% 0% – 200%
Sphere / Diffusion PTFE PTFE PTFE PTFE
Weight 1.1 Kg 1.1 Kg 1.1 Kg 1.1 Kg



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