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International Standard Source of Light

D65 -  ‘Artificial Daylight’. Correlated color temperature 6500K. Within tolerances prescribed in BS 950: Part 1; and all international specifications for D65 illuminant. Specified for most applications where color consistency and quality are required. High conformance to ISO 23603 - CIE S 012/E specifications for accurate colour matching. D50 - Proof D50 “Artificial Daylight” Correlated color temperature of 5000K. For graphic and photographic [...]

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Color Viewing Station Operation manual

Color Viewing Station Operation manual Installation 1. Installation 1) Open the wooden box, take out the lighting box. observation working station, two vertical tubes, two curved tubes, two plates(one big, one small)a bag of accessories and a operation menu. 2) Use four M8 screws to fix the two vertical tubes③④onto the tear of the working [...]

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Color Assessment Cabinet (Light Booth) Operation Manual

Color Assessment Cabinet (Color Light box) Operation Manual SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS—Read and follow all instructions before you attempt to assemble or operate the unit. RETAIN THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE—Once you have read this manual, keep it handy for others to read or refer to when they need to operate the [...]

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Color Viewing Station with side walls

Vteke color viewing station with side walls. Different industries has different requirement for the color viewing conditions. Now, according to some customers' suggestion, we can make the removable side walls to the floor stand CPS series in the both sides, the color of side walls are Munsell neutral gray. (Note: The above product is without side walls) A color viewing [...]

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Color Meter Applications

Vteke Color Meter can be used for quality control in many applications Basic Measurements: Leather, Packaging, Ceramics, Rubber, Textiles, Printing, Plastics, Paint, Construction, Automotive, Glass, Foods, Medical, Cosmetics, Electronics and more.     Special Measurements: Powder Measurement   When using a color meter to measure powder samples, the data changes to reflect the powder density and [...]

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The Basic Knowledge for Colorimeter

Applications of Colorimeters & Spectrophotometers What You Need to Know About Colorimeters & Spectrophotometers Color is subjective, based on perception and open to interpretation. The seemingly simple task of naming colors becomes very difficult because of the many ways color can be expressed. In the same way that we use scales to measure weight, there [...]

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Metamerism and Color Consistency

How to Ensure Product Colors Match Under Daylight, Nightlight, Incandescent, and Fluorescent Lighting Generally speaking the metamerism means the same color appeared differently under difference light souce, such as we buy a red dress in the store but it looks like dark red when we wear it go out, we can say this color phenomenon [...]

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Color Difference between Colorimeter & Human Eyes

Color Difference between Colorimeter & Human Eyes The color difference unit, NBS, is derived from the unit of color difference formula which is established by Judd-Hunter. In 1939, the American Bureau of Standards adopts this color difference formula and calculates the color difference according to it. When the absolute value is 1, it is called [...]

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7 tips for using color assessment cabinets effectively

7 tips for using color assessment cabinets effectively Put the Color Assessment Cabinet at the desktop in a correct height for viewing,normally, the desktop not higher than 100cm will be better, the correct and best angle for color viewing is 45 degress. To make a accurate color evaluation you can also purchase a Vteke 45 [...]

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The CRI for Graphic Color Viewing Booths

The CRI for graphic color viewing booths In printing,graphic, image and package industries,need the color viewing station with a high CRI (color rendering index) light sources for color evaluation.a high CRI light source can show the original colors more accurately. Vteke color viewing stations come with full spectrum fluorescent tubes D50 or D65 light source, [...]

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